Friday, November 2, 2012

That Would Be So Georgia....

I've heard from several people this week "That would be so Georgia if they lost to Ole Miss". This statement of course is never followed by any explanation of why a loss to Ole Miss would be "so Georgia". Let's look at the facts.

With a ranked team, Mark Richt is 58-4 against unranked opponents.

Here are the 4 losses.

2001 - Ranked #16 Georgia lost to Boston College in the Music City Bowl

2006 - Ranked #14 Georgia lost to Vandy at home

2007 - Ranked #12 Georgia lost to South Carolina at home

2007 - Ranked #12 Georgia lost to Tennessee on the road

If before the South Carolina game people had said, "That would be so Georgia for them to get wasted by a ranked team" (and some did), it would be hard to argue that point. However, it would not be "so Georgia" to lose to Ole Miss.

Hotty Toddy Folks - I present to you in closing Eli Manning looking at things.

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