Thursday, September 6, 2012

Week 2 Picks

I've got three picks for you this week.

I don't usually take the o/u, but one game jumped out at me this week. Two really bad teams playing each other. Let's roll with it.

u 48 in the MTSU v Florida Atlantic game

Georgia looks to welcome Missouri to the SEC, and let's just say that the Missouri lines are not quite built for the SEC. Also it looks like it is trending for Alec Ogletree to play in this game. I also like this game since it has dropped a point since the opening. Some people say that is where the smart money is, but I say that is where the uneducated public's money is.

Georgia -2.5 Missouri

South Carolina did not look like world beaters last week, and they are notorious for not covering lines against lesser opponents. Couple that with a gimpy qb and a running back that needs to be rested for the strech of the season. I'll gladly catch over 3tds.

East Carolina +21.5 South Carolina


  1. I agree with all, lets get the football money.

  2. I'm glad you added this to your feed